A new look... teapot show... online demonstration

I’m launching a new look for my social media! I’ve created a new Instagram handle: @shanasalaffartist (https://www.instagram.com/shanasalaffartist/) so that I can separate my personal/educational posts from the more business-oriented ones. I’ll be doing a lot more posting of my work and blog on these new pages, so if you’d like to see more pots and less words, please follow me @shanasalaffartist (https://www.instagram.com/shanasalaffartist/) I also have a new Facebook page, Shana Salaff artist (fb.me/ShanaSalaffartist) with similar content.

This cute teapot is part of the ICAN teapot show, Short and Stout, originally scheduled to be on display at the 2020 NCECA conference next week. The conference has been cancelled, but you can see the show and my teapot at https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/ican/2020-ican-juried-exhibition-short-and-stout-winners/. I'm so glad that the organizers put the show online so that we can all enjoy the work virtually!

Speaking of NCECA content now available virtually, Stacy Morgan of the Facebook group Clay Buddies has organized a virtual conference to take place next week. You can watch live by joining the group now at https://www.facebook.com/groups/503156473036283/ and then tuning in next week. I'll be presenting on March 25 at 9pm CST (10pm Eastern). I'll post a full schedule when I can!