Oppositional Thinking


I can't ignore the political maelstrom going on right now. I've mostly stayed further back from political posts, but recently I just can't anymore. However, with my audience, such that it is, I'm mostly preaching to the choir. Like many others, I have been grumpy for the past 10 day because it is just too upsetting watching this county prove yet again that women's voices don't matter, that women are not to be believed. Although I'm not sure that this is the only underlying story. Equally upsetting is the inability of politicians to actually speak to and listen to each other. Or anyone else, for that matter. Why is our culture so oppositional? My other fear about posting politically online is that of those that will disagree with me, some number will inevitably reply out of anger and contradiction - just like those in the senate.

What's the solution? Why is there debating class in school and not "coming to an agreement class" or "how to listen to the other point of view" class? How does one learn how to really connect to another person's reality? How could we even teach people to do this when political discourse at most levels is so polarized? Our justice system, our divorce courts, many news sources that have taken a political stand, and the very way we talk to those we don't agree with rings with animosity. There are many others. Is the "us versus them" mentality hard-wired into our primate brains? Or is it just the approach we are currently caught up in? Increasing globalism could help us here, although at the moment it is mostly consumption driven, with the exception of disaster relief and the  constant meddling by big countries over small.

Asking these questions hasn't gotten me very far, I'm afraid. Still, it's good to put words down and get them out of my head.

Starting a blog!


Ok, here goes! I decided to finally start blogging a few days ago, and here I go! I have no idea at all what I'm doing, but I do have a vague image in my head about what I want to say. Part of it will be taking some thoughts out of my head and onto a page (so to speak). I want to share my thoughts and visuals about ceramics, gardening, nature, life, art, friendship and community, education, and more. No promises here - I don't even know if I'll have any readers at all at first. And even if this is the site platform that I intend to keep using. So be warned, this site could navigate elsewhere, change its name, or do something I completely don't expect!